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Partners on social networks since early 2012, Olympique de Marseille and So-Buzz form a winning team. Each and every Facebook or Twitter campaign has seen huge success.

The OM Chairman’s Game

Jeu de l'Ambassadeur OM

In February 2012, Olympique de Marseille boasted 1.5 million Facebook fans but was looking for a new way to get them involved and to recruit new fans!

We came up with a Chairman’s Game based on our referral competition with 100% personalised integrated graphics.

Result after 18 days:

  • 45,000 new Facebook fans
  • 23,500 qualified leads
  • 10,000 new Twitter followers
  • 600,000 views/day
  • A dozen articles across a number of blogs covering the buzz generated by the competition


"Thanks to So-Buzz, we managed to capture the attention of our Facebook fans like never before. We used an app christened the “Chairman’s Game” which encouraged our supporters to invite their friends to join us. In just three weeks, close to 45,000 new fans joined our community."
Digital Manager at Olympique de Marseille

Most beautiful declaration of love competition

Concours de déclarations OM

What better for Valentine’s Day than a competition for the most beautiful declaration of love? OM configured our standard “Quote Competition” app in just a few clicks to kick start an event throughout the day on February 14th.

Result after one day:

  • Around one hundred declarations submitted by the supporters
  • Close to 400 voters

Customising Facebook profiles

Profil Facebook OM

We have created a permanent app on OM’s Facebook page allowing supporters to express their support for their favourite team.

Fans can fully customise their Facebook profile, decking it out in the colours of their team by choosing a cover image from those available in the gallery or by modifying their profile picture in a “Panini album sticker” style.

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