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Challenge Hyundai 2012/2013

Challenge Hyundai

As part of its partnership with Olympique Lyonnais, Hyundai France called on So-Buzz to set up a never-before-seen campaign in which 4 cars were up for grabs!

Selections were carried out on Facebook as well as in Hyundai dealerships. Tablets were made available to select 3 users who were challenged to take part in a penalty shootout at the Gerland stadium in France just before an OL match. The user who managed to hit the crossbar would walk away with a Hyundai car!

The So-Buzz team took care of developing the app as well as the graphic and legal details thanks to our legal partner. A real one-stop solution!

Result after 6 months:

  • 25,000 new Facebook fans

The “Golden Click” Instant Winner competition

Instant Gagnant Hyundai

In order to win over Olympique Lyonnais supporters, Hyundai set up an Instant Winner competition entitled the ‘Golden Click’. If a user logged on at a predefined winning time, they would walk away with 2 free tickets to one of their favourite team’s games.

Result after one week:

  • 2,500 new Facebook fans


Challenge Hyundai 2013/2014

Challenge Hyundai 2013-2014

After a successful 2012/2013 edition, Hyundai wanted to repeat the campaign for the 2013/2014 season.

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