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 “Like = Help Your Charity”

Crédit Agricole MPG

Crédit Agricole Mutuel Pyrénées Gascogne was looking for a way to help the charity sector. We suggested it put a vote to its fans to choose the charities. Fans could help different charities win up to €5,000 simply by voting.

In order to help boost virality, users had to invite their friends to gain extra votes..

Result after 22 days:

  • 9 000 new fans
  • 7 250 qualified leads
  • Over 10,000 votes for the various charities

CA BUZZ video competitions!

Concours vidéos CA BUZZ

Following in the footsteps of a first successful operation, Crédit Agricole Mutuel Pyrénées Gascogne got in touch with us once again to set up a video competition aimed at students. Users were invited to film their reactions when receiving their degree results.

As soon as a user voted for a video, an Open Graph action was automatically posted on their wall to inform their friends who could then also potentially be encouraged to take part.

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